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Joe's Virtual Legacy- Claudette Colvin
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Why it's a civil rights issue

African Americans went through some of the most harsh times in American history. The segregation, and racial harassments in this era were uncalled for and an example of bigotry. Especially down south, African Americans day in and day out would have to put up with the sheer racist threats, and racist actions. Most whites that lived there hated the African Americans, they treated them terribly, and disallowed them their rights. The actual timeline of the Civil Rights Movement was from 1954-1965, and as you have learned or already have known, it was some of the most dreaded times for African Americans. Here are some examples of the rights that were taken away from them: they couldn't drink out of the same fountains, couldn't go to same restaurants, couldn't attend the same schools, couldn't ride in same sections of buses, they couldn't even wear their hair in ways they wanted to, or sometimes walk on the same side walks. It was unimaginable what the whites of the very same nation as we are in today would do such a thing. The African American Civil Rights Movement was a very scary and horrible time period.

African-American Civil Right Groups:

Many African-Americans thought it impossible to change the attitudes of the racial whites. They wanted to use violence to preserve their rights as citizens. Promoting violent acts were black groups named, The Black Muslims, The Black Panther Party, and the Black Power Movement. All leaders of these three groups believed that violence was the only was to get their point across.
Black Muslims: This group was lead by Elijah Muhammad, since 1934. He referred to whites as devils. They were usually criticizing racial integration. A man named Malcolm X was the groups most fluent and respected speaker. Malcolm X wanted to unite the African-Americans throughout the world. He was assassinated in 1965, shortly after forming a new organization that was to be used to pursue his goal. Three black man (two were black Muslims, were convicted of the murder.
Black Panther Party: This group was founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. This group was inspired by Malcolm X. They favored violent revolution as the only way to end police attacks against them. Many blacks considered that the attacks were brutal and didn't approve of the opportunities for blacks in jobs and other areas. The Panthers and the police had many, many clashes. Later the panthers became less militant and worked to achieve full employment for blacks with a non-violent goal.
Black Power Movement: This group was also developed in the year of 1966, after a man named, James H. Meredith was shot during a civil rights march. The shooting and the other racial violence made Stokey Carmicheal H. Rap Brown and other members of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee doubt the sincerity of the white supporters of black rights. Charmicheal called for a campaign to achieve black power. Urging blacks to gain political power and control of their own communities. To reject the values of the whites and form their own standards. He also urged them to not refer to themselves as Negroes or colored people, but as blacks, African-Americans, or even Afro Americans.


Spoken on May 6, 1963 by Dr. King: "There are those who write history....there are those who will make history...I don't know how many historians we have in Birmingham tonight...but you are certainly making history...and you will make it possible for the historians of the future to write a marvelous chapter..."

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The Little Rock Nine. This group of high school kids, were chosen to enter an all white school. The governor of the town had hired state soldiers to keep the kids from entering the school. The next day the president sent nation troops, and all that year, the soldiers would go with the children throughout the day.

Many marches went on during the time of the civil rights movement. Many marches were non-violent, and these marches influenced other marches to take place. This march had been organized by M.L.K.Jr. as a non-violent march.
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"I have a dream.." speech.

Important People:

Martin Luther King Jr.- This man was a very important part of the civil rights movement. He was the leader of the non-violent marching and protests.
Malcolm X- Was the most fluent speaker of the civil rights group called The Black Muslims. He was murdered in 1965. He wanted to unite African-Americans throughout the world.
Rosa Parks- Was a black women who refused to get up for a white person. She was the begging of the bus boycott in Alabama.
Emmit Till- This was a fourteen year old boy who was murdered by two white men, after whistling at a white woman.
Thurgood Marshall- Was the first African-American elected to the Supreme Court. He died at age 84.
Huey P. Newton- Founded the 1966 Black Panther Party (see above) along with Bobby Seale. This group was inspired by Malcolm X.
Bobby Seale- Founded the 1966 Black Panther Party,(see above) inspired by Malcolm X.
Elijah Muhammad- This man lead the group called the Black Muslims (see above) Since 1934. He referred the whites as devils, and criticized racial integration.
James H. Meredith- This man was shot during a civil rights march. His death inspired the Black Power Movement group (see above) in 1966.
Charmichel H. Rap Brown- This man was the founder of the Black Power Movement group. He and other members of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee doubted the sincerity of the white support groups after the death of James H. Meredith.
John F. Kennedy- President between 1961-1963. Developed civil rights act.
Lindon B. Johnson- President between 1963-1969. Signed Civil Rights act of 1964.

Little Rock Nine

These are the nine students that participated in Little Rock Nine.
•Ernest Green
•Elizabeth Eckford
•Jefferson Thomas
•Dr. Terrence Roberts
•Carlotta Walls Lanier
•Minnijean Brown Trickey
•Gloria Ray Karlmark
•Thelma Mothershed-Wair
•Melba Pattillo Beals

Malcolm X was a Civil Rights Activist that resort to violence when trying to get his point accross. Malcolm and Martin Luther King were both fighting their hardest to fight off the racial segregation, but they did that in different ways. Martin was all peace and non violence, and Malcolm had the "at any cause" mentality.

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)-

What was the Ku Klux Klan?

The Ku Klux Klan was, and still some what is a white supremacy group. Pretty much a group of whites that think they are better than everyone, especially African Americans (and Jews). What this group does best is demonstrate hate, and violence towards others. They wore white cloaks with a pointy hat, and also covered their faces. It was very terrible what they did to the blacks. Their most famous way to show their hatred was to burn. They would burn crosses as intimidation, and also would burn houses down where they knew African Americans lived. These people were just sick minded, and had no good intentions. Some interesting facts about the Klan are: they were founded in 1866, and quickly spread through out the south, where much of the segregation was occurring, they were very high on lynching and a countless number of those incidents occurred. The Klan just kept on spreading. All in all, the Klan prevented blacks from voting, and from running as a public official. They thought they were inferior to the blacks, and and treated them terribly. The Ku Klux Klan was a horrible organizations, and every single member is truly racist.
Many Klan members at a burning of a cross.