Burning Flag and Bible


Burning Bible and Flag Artifact
Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Percé he had a peace with the whites. In 1855, he helped Washington's territorial governor set up a reservation for his tribe it went from Oregon into Idaho. After the gold rush in 1863, the federal government took back almost six million acres of the Nez Percé land, they were moved to a reservation one tenth the size of their last reservation. After this occurrence, Chief Joseph felt betrayed and set fire to his American flag and bible, he refused to sign the treaty to make the reservation area official. Chief Joseph believed in peace with the white men and he tried hard to keep peace, but after the whites betrayed him and his tribe it was hard for him to keep that peace.
The burning bible and American flag is symbolic because after Chief Joseph burned them there's was no longer peace between the Nez Percé and the white men. The peace was lost because Chief Joseph felt betrayed by the white men and the white men felt betrayed by the native americans because they burned their flag; and that is when the wars and battles broke out.


Indian Reservation
The Indian reservation is important because the change in life before the whites started taking their land, their lives were so peaceful and in harmony. Also they had as much land as they needed and the whites accepted this up until the white men wanted to expand their land and take what belonged to the Indian tribes of North America. When they started doing this many Native American tribes were being relocated to reservations that averagely a mere fraction of their previous land. This is important because of the struggle the Indians fought and still ended up on small 100 acre spots of land. This not only affected the Indians by loss of land but also being moved off land and having land taken away forced different tribes together causing conflicts and sometimes death. Before when the different tribes had enough space to live near not together there was no conflict but when the white men forced them of smaller and smaller masses land they had trouble with other tribes and unsatisfactory with their amount of land.

Warpaint/Bow and Arrow

War Paint/Bow and Arrow
"We will avoid them if we can. If we cannot, we will fight.": Sitting Bull. War paint and bow and arrows were a big part of the life of the Native Americans during this time because they always had to stay alert for the white men were always on the prowl. The Native Americans couldn't go on with their life for more than a day the white men wanted them off the land. The war paint symbolizes all of the many wars they had to go through just to survive and how they dressed themselves to get ready for battle. The Bow and Arrows symbolize what they used during battle and how they were the underdogs as they had to use arrows to fight against guns and cannons. Unlike Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, the Native Americans weren't afraid to fight against the whites. They wanted the rights, and they weren't afraid to fight for them. "The life my people want, is the life of freedom.": Sitting Bull.
Broken Treaties
This burned treaty, which said that the United States of America give peace to the Senecas, Mohawks, Onodagas and Cayugas and will give them space and land to live in peace, is a big symbol from the time of the Native Americans. This is because when the white men came into Native American territory, they wanted the land that the Natives were on. But they wouldn't go down without a fight. So instead of taking the land by force (which they usually did to Native Americans) they would make treaties to agree to give them other land in a different area where they could live on a reservation. These treaties sounded fair towards the beginning, but after they were signed, the white men broke them and the Indians were ripped off and got less land than they agreed to obtain. Many treaties were broken, the white men went back on their word and once again, the Native Americans were treated unfairly. The Native Americans deserved to be treated fairly and deserved the same rights that the whites did, and just because the whites thought they could do everything, they didn't have the right to disobey a treaty. Nobody is above the law, not even the people who make them.

Foot Artifact

Foot Artifact
The feet symbolize the white men's disrespect towards the Native Americans, and the many times the Native Americans have been betrayed by the White Men. The Native Americans were kicked out of their home lands and told to go other places, thus, walking or riding on horseback to reach their new home. The boots also symbolize when different bands and when they fled from their homes trying to escape being put into reservations. The Native Americans were sent from one place to another and were always on the road searching for new homes and land to live on, there for the feet symbolize the walking they did and the troubles they went through dealing with White Men and just surviving.