Equal Rights T-Shirt

This t-shirt is representing that males and females are equal. Even thought this shirt wasn’t in style back in the 1800s, it still shows that people still are supporting women’s rights and that people are still not giving up. Today, women still are not happy as to where they should be. This shirt is letting the world know, that women will not give up until they are equally treated. You’re probably thinking, “Wait, I thought women are as equal,” well think again. It is said in a 1 to 3 ratio that men are shown more in movies than women. Women are still fighting and this shirt is a great example of one of their accomplishments.



This ballot is a copy of a recent ballot which has women on it. This is a huge success for women because for the longest time women were not able run for office. The ballot next to this recent ballot if a copy of a ballot that was used in the 20th century, notice the name- all male. These two ballots show the growth that America has accomplished, it is great that we have come this far. In conclusion this recent ballot compared to the old ballot is evidence that women are getting more opportunities in the political world.


Suffrage Banner

This Banner was carried down Fifth Avenue in New York (1917) during a suffrage parade. The purpose of this banner was to persuade male voter to grant women the right to vote. Public demonstrate of thoughts like this had recently started around 1910. During many parades, including this one, the men would scream at them saying nasty things like “Go home and wash the dishes.” Women would casually ignore these remarks and carry on with their business.
If women had not spoke up the way they did and create banners and such we may not be as far regarding women's rights as we are now. Thanks to the women of the 20th century women aren’t afraid to say how they feel and their thoughts towards different things. This one banner did not affect the entire country, but the idea (speaking out for their rights) of this banner did.


Susan B. Anthony Poster

This poster to see Susan B. Anthony’s lecture is an artifact that says that I understand about my topic because Susan B. Anthony was a huge role model (and still is) and she did so much for women’s rights. This poster is presenting to come and see her give her speech. Just reading this poster you can tell that she was very popular back in the 1800s to the early 1900s. The poster says, “This is only one chance in a life-time to hear this truly distinguished lady speak.” This is an example of how amazing and grateful she was. Again, this poster is a great example of a wonderful woman who put her heart and soul into women’s rights, Susan B. Anthony.


Declaration of Sentiments

The Declaration of Sentiments is a very important part of the women’s suffrage movement. This document brought every women’s ideas together. This document was created at the Seneca Falls Convention, where about 68 women and 32 men signed it. Since those people signed it, they agreed with all the resolutions on it. Many people wanted to sign it, but they didn’t agree with resolution 9. This stated that women should have the right to vote, those who did not sign it figured that this would just make the men take this as a joke. But in the end this document was passed and became a constitution amendment.
Without this document women would not be as far as they are now. We might be still in the kitchen slaving over the stove all day because we are “expected” to, not because we want to. This Declaration was a step in the right direction for women’s suffrage. This document also allowed many women and men to join together and share their thoughts with each other. To conclude, the Declaration of Sentiments is the document that led women to gain suffrage.

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