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Current Abuses

Robert S. Mueller making a speech in which he admitted to the FBI's abuses.

In the past, the FBI has abused its power by doing illegal actions such as wiretapping and burglaries. Times have changed little since back in the Hoover Era. The FBI still is being accused of wiretapping and abusing its power to gain access to personal information. Robert S. Mueller, the current FBI director, admitted that the FBI had abused the powers given to them by the Patriot Act to gain confidential data about certain people. Mueller told an angered and astonished crowd in a speech that he is working to stop these sort of abuses from happening again. The FBI uses National Security Letters (NSL) to gain access to this personal information. It has been proved, that the FBI understates that amount of letters that are being made. In fact, the FBI has made more NSLs than ever made before in history. They are using these letters to demand personal records from internet providers, phone companies, and other businesses. The FBI is able to look at people's medical history, educational, and financial history. With these letters, the FBI can force people to give up anything, and refusal is not an option. Common targets are individuals or businesses with access to internet records of people, credit card records, and bank records.