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- In Salem, Oregon same-sex couples now can get the same benefits as married couples. Homosexuals are now protected against discrimination because of bills approved by the Oregon House.

- A huge impact because of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Hundreds of great troops, including translators, left the armed forces because of the Pentagon's rules on gays. It coast nearly 200 million dollars.

- When the Pentagon adopted its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, the army general was Joint Chief's chairman. He now says he is no longer against homosexuals serving openly in the army.

- In mountain home, Arkansas. A male homosexual teenager, who was suspected in a harsh rampage in a Massachusetts gay bar, died Sunday from wounds he had gotten the day before. A day earlier he was in a shootout with Arkansas police and had shot a police officer, who many people say was only helping a woman.

- On Thursday in Moscow, some people with power in the Russian capital would not allow nation's first ever gay parade. They said the because of so many people against gay rights, riots could start, yet, parade organizers said they would still continue with the rally.

- In Providence, Massachusetts, non-homosexuals in a small town, with many gays are complaining the gays that were once the targets who usually got put down are now the people putting others down.

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