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Current Events

Today there are still many issues regarding women's rights. Women can get the same jobs as men and such, but the thing is they don’t get paid nearly as much as they should. If you looked at a woman and a man at today's date and their job and their pay, who do you think would get more? Men of course, its really all about the image, people still have that idea in their head that men are better then women. The issues that are still going on today are not as bad, but they are still issues. The suffrage part is not as big of a problem now since women can vote, but there are still others issues out there. Some women are harassed by men, some are looked down upon, and some are even fired from their jobs because a man is available. Women do as much for the world and their family as men do, yet we are still treated as though we do nothing. When you see a commercial for food or a container, who do you see promoting that item? Women obviously, they are always thought of as the ones who stay in the kitchen and cook for the rest of the family. It has gotten so bad that even the ads for simple things like zip-lock and such are even demonstrating this stereotype. Some of these things are ridiculous and hopefully this discrimination will end soon. But as of today, women are still not treated equally.
By: Samantha Fochler